Our Services

Individual Counselling

Coping with life transitions or having experienced a personal crisis can feel isolating and lonely. We offer a supportive ear and opportunities to talk about your situation openly without a fear of being judged. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed regarding a new medical diagnosis, a chronic or progressive illness or coping with losses, allow us to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals and optimize your feelings of well-being.

Couples Counselling

Roles and expectations within a relationship change over time. With the addition of a stressful life event, such as retirement, illness or a significant loss, it is possible to feel a disconnect with your partner. Together, we can establish common goals and work towards enhancing communication, reconnecting emotionally and developing a deeper understanding of each other in a more satisfying way.

Family Counselling

Families are complex. The manner in which family members interact and communicate with one another is unique. When a stressful event or crisis occurs with an aging or ill relative, the family can be thrown off balance. There may be issues to discuss and decisions to be made. Emotions are involved, communication can break down, the family might lack consensus. We offer a supportive and non-judgemental approach to working with families. We provide clinical expertise around facilitating effective communication, working through challenges and achieving common goals.

Caregiver Support & Counselling

While caring for a spouse, parent, relative or friend can be rewarding, it also has its challenges. Balancing the needs of someone you care about with your own needs may cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or even depressed. As a spouse, you may be coming to terms with the fact that the relationship with your partner has changed. Perhaps you are an adult child, sandwiched between your elderly parent and your own young family. Conflicting and confusing feelings may arise as you attempt to adjust to changing roles and expectations. We can work together around developing healthy coping strategies to combat stress and burnout. Achieve balance and wellness while moving towards embracing a nurturing and fulfilling relationship with your loved one.

Group Work

Many seniors, their spouses and their adult children feel very alone when trying to understand and cope with the challenges associated with aging and illness. Group work is a powerful intervention where people can come together and share common experiences, while feeling supported and validated in a safe place. As experienced group facilitators, we integrate many therapeutic approaches to enhance group connection so you will feel less isolated and empowered to make changes that will allow you to manage challenges more effectively with confidence.

Life Transition Counselling

Every life transition involves an element of increased stress, whether it fosters positive or negative change. Retirement, relocation, bereavement, losing a driver’s licence and changes in health are some of the more common life changes that for many individuals become points of crisis. Facing a new set of circumstances that is largely unknown on a personal level can be difficult. Although it may be hard to see at first, each set of major life transitions can offer unique opportunities. We can help you develop effective and sustainable coping strategies. While it is important to acknowledge what was lost, we will work towards realizing new beginnings and new possibilities.

System Navigation & Resource Counselling

System navigation is a term used to describe the challenging process of steering through a complex social and health system to access appropriate resources and services. It can be very overwhelming, especially if it is something you have never done before. Information can be difficult to interpret. It may be a challenge to distinguish between resources and services and the work can become very onerous and time consuming. Allow us to help connect you with helpful resources that meet your needs and respect your preferences.

Grief, Loss and Bereavement Counselling

The experience of loss is different for everyone and there is no correct or incorrect way to grieve. Some people are able to bounce back quite quickly, while others experience a more complex period of bereavement. You might be grieving the loss of someone close. You might also be grieving the loss of something significant in your life such as a job, a driver’s licence, your health or your independence. We can support and provide you with opportunities to express your emotions and feelings in a comforting and confidential environment. Together, we can explore the meaning of the loss, develop effective ways to cope, and look at moving forward seeing new possibilities and meaning in life.

Wellness and Self-care Counselling

Your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being are all key elements to achieving and maintaining self-care. Through various therapeutic approaches, including mindfulness therapy, meditation, deep breathing and laughter yoga, we can work together to develop effective and sustainable ways to manage stress and burnout, while increasing feelings of self-confidence and well-being. We promote a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, exercise and social connections. We will support and empower you to make healthier life choices, find balance and achieve wellness.